Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Bedroom in the African savannah

The idea of ​​remodeling the bedroom of the country house of the project’s heroes is based on the concept of “YIN AND YANG” - a harmonious union of two energies. This is where the interior color scheme and smooth, streamlined shapes were born.

The primary colors are quite calm: a light background of sand-colored walls, natural wood color, black and white graphics. But, in addition, the current blue color became an unexpectedly bright accent. Blue is the color of calm and the sunset sky. This color technique adds some enthusiasm and mischief. It runs like a thin connecting thread through the interior, creating a harmonious, holistic picture.

Construction work started from the roof. It was insulated with stone wool slabs. The next layer was a vapor barrier, and moisture-resistant SyPly plywood was used as cladding.

The authors of the project designers Ekaterina Pavlushkova and Evgenia Lovyagina paid special attention to the planning solution. In the center of the composition there is now a large canopy bed, which added special comfort and romance to the atmosphere. But this is not a standard canopy, but a functional one, since the fabric will be thrown over a track profile with lamps that are convenient to move along the track depending on the required lighting. At the foot of the bed there is an ascetic bench. The volumetric texture of the bench is inspired by nature itself and seems to be carved from stone. Next to the bed were fixed bedside tables, which the authors of the project personally made from plywood.
Opposite the bed is a TV that visually becomes invisible on the black wall. Next to it there is a bright console and an ottoman made of plywood, fiberboard and solid pine.

So that the characters can make good use of the space under the roof slopes, the authors of the project provided mezzanines in the bedroom. Storage system cases are made of Lamarty laminated chipboard. Working in contrast, laminated chipboard was chosen in a laconic black decor with embossed fine shagreen. The facades of the structures, as well as the ceiling of the room, are covered with black and white wallpaper with a zebra print.
Continuing the theme of organizing space, the installers also equipped a dressing area, presented in the form of two spacious, laconic cabinets with rounded ends towards the center of the composition.. Associations with giant peacefully walking African elephants are read. The cases are made of white Lamarty chipboard with embossing fine shagreen. The fronts are made of MDF, covered with mirror sheets and veneer, which are complemented by large handles with a comfortable grip.

As a result, graphics, rhythm and African motifs appeared in the updated interior, which balance smooth lines and natural colors of materials.

A detailed description of the project and video broadcast can be found on the program website Dacha Answer

Broadcast from 10/29/23
Authors of the project: design studio P.L.ACE - the creative duo of Ekaterina Pavlushkova and Evgenia Lovyagina.