Our achievements



Our achievements

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from 23.09.11

Certificate ECONOMIC LEADERS 2010
Certificate of Economic Leaders & nbsp; issued Ltd. & quot; Syktyvkar Plywood Mill & quot;. For excellence in the...

from 15.05.10

Certificate of participation in the exhibition "Interkomplekt" 2010
The certificate attests participation of the Ltd. " Syktyvkar Plywood Mill " in the exhibition " Interkomplekt...

from 06.07.09

Social Trust Certificate
Company "Syktyvkar Plywood Mill" is insured with a high level of organization of the implementation of legislation on...

from 23.05.08

Certificate of Appreciation "AstanaBuild 2008"
ITE Group Plc and LLP Iteca thanks to Ltd. "Syktyvkar Plywood Mill " for participation in the 10th Anniversary...

from 20.03.08

Appreciation for cooperation c.Arnsberg (Germany).
Certificate of Merit issued by Ltd. "Syktyvkarky Plywood Mill." Hereby we reward you as an an important partner c. Arnsberg...

from 15.03.08

Certificate of Appreciation
2Eng: LLP "Integra plus" city Almaty is grateful for the manufacture of a decent product (laminated plywood) used in the...

from 01.11.04

CERTIFICATE of registration in the State Register of Reliable Partners
This certificate certifies that Syktyvkar Plywood Mill LTD was entered into the State Register of Russian Enterprises and...

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from 25.11.13

Best of environmentally responsible company in Russia
As part of the Russian industry and Environmental Forum "RosPromEko 2013" the round table was held "On the implementation of...

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from 01.12.11

The best organization of work in the field of labor among large enterprises of industrial sphere
According to the results of the competition state conditions and safety in enterprises of Syktyvkar for 2010 is awarded to...

from 16.05.09

Certificate for participation in the exhibition "Interkomplekt 2009"
The certificate of participation udostoveret Ltd. & quot; Syktyvkar Plywood Mill & quot; in the exhibition & quot;...

from 28.11.08

Diploma for participation in the exhibition "Furniture 2008" (24-28.11.2008)
Expocenter awards Ltd. & quot; Syktyvlar Plywood Mill & quot; for & nbsp; participated in the 20th International Exhibition &...

from 16.11.07 to 31.12.20

Certificate of participation in the exhibition "Furniture 2007" (12-16.11.2007)
Expocenter, all-Russian Association "Russian furniture-makers", CJSC "Centromebel" and OJSC "CentrLesExpo"award Ltd....

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