Good day!
Does the plant produce marine plywood?
Where can I see the price list?
Thank you in advance!

No, we do not produce marine (i.e., water-resistant) products.

Only moisture-resistant (i.e. it can be used on the street with humidity above 85%, provided that the film is covered and the ends are painted).

The price list for moisture-resistant plywood can be found at our managers by phone (8212) 29-37-75.

What affects the density of chipboard. You have it more dense than other manufacturers, what are the advantages of this?

For the manufacture of furniture, high-density chipboard is more preferable .

In this case, the products are stronger, they can easily be assembled and disassembled several times. The screws will hold securely.

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Please tell me if it is possible to use FSF plywood of your production in residential premises as a substrate (base) for parquet floors. Or is it better to use FC plywood according to environmental indicators?
As a substrate for the floor in residential areas, plywood of the FC and FSF brands can be used. In terms of environmental safety: the release of formaldehyde from FSF plywood is less.

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How to order samples of decors, for the customer's reference?
Samples of chipboard can be ordered through your nearest Lamarty dealer or directly from the chipboard sales department by phone (8212) 293777 or email

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How many mg of formaldehyde per 100 g of dry plate is contained in the chipboard emission class E 0.5 of your products?
In the units specified by you, only the particle board is examined (by the perforator method) – at the release of E 0.5, the norm of formaldehyde content per 100 g of absolutely dry plate is no more than 4 mg, the actual indicator is 3.8 mg. The chipboard is examined for the release of formaldehyde by the gas-analytical method: at the norm of no more than 1.75 mg/ m2, the actual indicator is 0.95 mg/ m2.
How do I post my resume on your website?
On the page Send a resume everyone can leave a resume. Periodically, all resumes are reviewed, printed, and filed by the HR Department.
Does your company produce
bent-glued products?
We have not mastered this type of plywood production.
Interested in the price of plywood 1220x2440 mm regular deliveries of 30 cubic meters. and delivery to our city.
For all requests for prices, please contact the Plywood Sales Department by phone (8212) 293775 or by email
How, with such volumes of production, and consequently deforestation, do you contribute to the restoration of the forest in those places where it is cut down!? to what extent do you restore forest plantations every month/year!?
In accordance with the Contracts for the supply of plywood raw materials to LLC "Syktyvkar Plywood Plant", the SUPPLIER is obliged to engage in the restoration of the forest and is fully responsible for this.

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Interesting price for laminated chipboard with delivery to our city.
For all price requests, please contact the Chipboard Sales Department by phone (8212) 293777 or by email

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We purchase your products for the manufacture of outdoor furniture. Please send us your recommendations for painting and putting on FSF plywood.
The production uses epoxy putty from the base " Colophyll» and the hardener "Kovet". For painting, we can only recommend painting the ends of laminated plywood with water-resistant paint from the company "VAPA".
Is it possible to use laminated plywood for food preparation as a cutting board?
Laminated plywood is not intended for contact with food.
Hello!Please tell me do you produce OSB plate?
We produce chipboard, chipboard and plywood. OSB is a different product.
Is plywood subject to mandatory fire safety?

According to the letter (from the product certification body "Fire-resistant TSNIISK"):

In accordance with the "List of products subject to mandatory certification in the field of fire safety in the Russian Federation", mandatory certification of SyPly plywood is not provided for in the SSPB.

What thicknesses of birch plywood do you produce and is there a combined plywood in the company's nomenclature?

As standard, we produce birch and laminated plywood of the following thicknesses: 4, 6, 6.5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 32 mm. 4mm-only birch plywood Combined plywood is not currently in the range of our products.

How is the product quality control carried out? And what kind of testing machines do you use?

Product quality control at SFZ LLC is carried out by 4 independent organizations (VTT Finland, WKI Germany, DNV Finland and Gosstandart of Russia) and 2 internal divisions (quality service and internal audit service)-all organized in a quality control and confirmation system. To measure the physical and mechanical parameters of our products, we use the Autograf test machine and others.

Interested in delivery in the CIS. Please inform us about the FCA and DAF prices for the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan border.

For such questions, please send an official request to the relevant head of the sales department.

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What is Chipboard?


And where is the price list for PLYWOOD?

The price list for plywood was removed from the site - now we send it by fax in response to the official fax request of the buyer to the number (8212)627924. In the application, please specify the full details of the company, the type of activity and the requested volumes. Our manager will call you back and send you our price offer based on your location and the requested volumes.

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Where is your representative in Kiev in Ukraine?

All information about representatives is available in the corresponding section.

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How can I purchase your products in the city where your sales representative is located without his mediation?

To do this, you need to send your commercial offer to the head of the sales department of SFZ LLC. It is necessary to state the monthly volume of your purchases and the reason for the reluctance to work with our sales representative in the region.

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What are the prospects for the construction and development of the enterprise in Gagarin, Smolensk region?

On the birthday of the first cosmonaut of the planet, on March 9, the first stone of the new enterprise - the Gagarin Plywood Factory-was solemnly laid.

Do you have any representatives in our region?

Contact information about all our representatives is available in the "Contacts / Trading Partners"section of our website.

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Can we use SyPly plywood to produce high chairs?
Yes. The world around our children should be safe for their health. Our plywood meets international quality standards and is highly environmentally friendly, which is confirmed by the necessary certificates. The high quality of sanding of Syktyvkar plywood guarantees a perfectly smooth and pleasant to the touch surface. Durable plywood easily takes the shape designed by the designer, is easy to process and install, and can be easily combined with other materials. The range of SyPly plywood includes a rich range of colors of plywood coverings. Colored laminated plywood is an excellent choice when designing colorful children's furniture and playgrounds.
Do you produce chipboard with a White Marble decor?
At the moment, there is no LDSP in the collection of this decor. For its introduction, we need constant volumes of its supply. Send your application and we will review it.
Where in Ukhta can I buy products from your factory?
Our representative in Ukhta has been added to the site.

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Our company is interested in the possibility of purchasing plywood for trade in the territory of the Republic of Belarus directly. Please send us a price list or a commercial offer.
We have two representatives in the Republic of Belarus-CJSC "National Industrial Capital" and LLC "BelSeverLes". For more information, please contact the Head of the Plywood Sales Department for the domestic market.

What is the consumption of glue in the production of chipboard and plywood.
The glue is consumed strictly according to the technological standards specified in the approved technical specifications.
We are a manufacturer of window joinery.
Can we use the plywood produced by your company for the production of shaped windows?
We have no information that someone uses our plywood for the production of shaped windows. Please send your plywood requirements to and we will tell you if you can use our products.
Is it planned to produce plywood of large formats (laminated plywood of 3000x2000x21 m, 2700x1190x18mm, 2700x1770X18mm)?
No. There are no plans to produce plywood of this format yet.
What share of the plywood production market does your company occupy in Russia?
According to the data for 2001, our company occupied the 4th place in Russia in terms of the plywood market share. Today it is much higher, because over the past 2 years, the volume of production has increased by about 20%. Our company belongs to the strategic group of manufacturers of large-format (2440x1220 mm) plywood of high grades. Therefore, the comparison with other plywood manufacturing companies in Russia is not entirely correct. Among the manufacturers of large-format plywood, we occupy one of the first places in terms of market share.
I am interested in the procedure for concluding contracts and the terms of its execution, as well as the terms of execution of the application when ordering 5 wagons of plywood and DStP.
To enter into a Contract, you need to send all your banking details, including shipping details, to our address. The term of the contract is 5-7 working days. The deadline for the execution of the application depends on the requested types of plywood and DStP on a specific date. Therefore, we can not answer the terms of execution of the Application. For an accident, it is very problematic: it is not enough. For plywood, you need to know exactly what types of plywood you want.
Наши коллеги из Арабских стран очень заинтересованы в приобретении ДСтП форматом строго 2440х1220 мм.
Ежемесячная потребность составляет 1000 куб.м.
Возможно ли производство ДСтП такого формата на Вашем заводе?
Уважаемые господа! До конца 2003 года заказы на МШ ДСтП мы не принимаем. В IV квартоле 2003 года на заводе будет запущена линия ламинирования ДСтП. Мы надеемся, что наша продукция Вас заинтересует и приведет к сотрудничеству.
Our company is interested in your products, colored laminated plywood in particular. Do you have a representative in Belarus? The volumes that we are interested in are not so high and we would be interested to cooperate with the recipient of a similar product in Minsk. Thank you.
Our company has official representatives in the Republic of Belarus.

Interested in the supply of chipboard to Tajikistan. Price of FCA and DAF border of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan? Standard loading of the car?
Dear sirs! Until the end of 2003, we do not accept orders for MS DStP. In the fourth quarter of 2003, the plant will launch a chipboard lamination line. We hope that our products will interest you and lead to cooperation.

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