Политика в области качества на 2017-2019 гг

Our principle is concern for the ecology of the region. We are responsible to the country for the use of natural resources for the purpose of its prosperity.

For the production of plywood is used one of the oldest building materials - wood, which is a self-renewable environmentally friendly raw materials. It is easy to handle and disposed of without harming the environment. The company has all the necessary permits for the treatment of industrial waste, the use of atmospheric air and wastewater treatment.
Our plywood production is practically waste-free, since the chips generated during this process are used in the manufacture of particle boards. Purchasing 40% of chips for chipboard production from enterprises – partners, we help them to solve environmental problems. Thanks to the use of modern technologies for the deep processing of wood, we completely utilize waste bark and wood, turning them into thermal energy. The company operates a separate collection of waste, and waste 1-4 classes are transferred to specialized organizations, where they are processed as secondary raw materials.

Feeling responsible to future generations, we were able to reduce waste generation from 2003 to the present by more than 10 times. In this regard, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation instructed us to represent Russia at the 2011 Ministerial Meeting of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region. Employees' activity was marked by a number of diplomas of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Komi.
Production of chipboard and plywood has been functioning steadily for many years. Since 2006, the plant has been upgrading air purification equipment. Obsolete cyclones are replaced with modern bag filters. Purified air to its original state returns to the workshop, saving thermal energy in the winter. Emissions of wood dust into the atmosphere decreased by 42%. Work on the use of the best available technologies continues.
The Russian-Norwegian program Clean Production » implemented at the enterprise allowed to intensify the activities of engineers in the field of energy saving and reduction of water consumption. Contaminated water from washing process equipment is not drained into the sewer, and is used in the recipe for the preparation of glue. Equipment cooling systems are recycled. The use of clean water for technological purposes has been completely discontinued.
The plant has an environmental service. For the purpose of carrying out continuous production control, specialized independent laboratories are involved in analyzing the air emitted from ventilation systems, as well as atmospheric air outside the enterprise.
The use of the latest developments in the field of resins and various additives in the manufacture of wood-based panels has significantly reduced emissions of air pollutants, and improved the sustainability of products while maintaining high physicomechanical indicators. Manufactured products meet Russian and international quality standards.

Certificates for plywood

Certificates for chipboard

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