Exhibition 2


Syktyvkar Plywood Mill presented SyPly plywood at an exhibition in Uzbekistan
From February 28 to March 3, the 24th International Exhibition "Construction - UzBuild 2023" was held on the basis of the NEC "Uzexpocentre" in...


We invite you to the MosBuild 2023 exhibition!
From March 28 to 31, the 28th exhibition of building and finishing materials MosBuild will be held at the CROCUS EXPO IEC (Moscow). Our stand is...


SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project. Kitchen-living room in farmhouse...
The interior of the new kitchen-living room has become simple and practical, with rustic charm and an abundance of natural materials.


Lamarty at a seminar for designers in St. Petersburg
The February meeting in the northern capital turned out to be really warm for us.


Chipboard Lamarty in MUSSON decor in the "Dachny otvet" project on...
The living room kitchen is filled with unhurried home comfort, which will support the heat of the stove and massive logs


Syktyvkar Plywood mill received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
SyPly plywood products are registered in the declaration.


Chipboard Lamarty in "Dachny Otvet" project on NTV. Romance, retro...
The reverent attitude of the heroine of the project to things with history became the basis of inspiration for the redesign of the space.


Chipboard Lamarty in "White"and "Noce Neapol" and SyPly...
The Dachny Otvet team, in an empty space under the roof of a country house, organized an observatory for the spouses with starfall, an office and a...


Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
Incerest wishes of happiness and peace during the Holiday Season and throughout the coming year!


Lamarty in GRAPHITE decor and SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project on NTV....
The redesign result was an invigorating and refined interior, the central element of which was the dining room, and the cooking area became almost...


Personnel changes of Syktyvkar Plywood Mill LTD
Evgeniy Zorin has been appointed CEO of SPM LTD since October 1, 2022 by decision of the company's Board of Directors.


Chipboard Lamarty in the decors "Sandy Canyon", "White" in...
A stylish kitchen-living room with a solar fireplace appeared in the country house of the heroes of "Dachy Otvet".


Plywood with decorative surface
Syktyvkar Plywood Mill has expanded its range of plywood products by adding SyPly DESIGN plywood with a decorative surface.


LAMARTY in the decor "WHITE" in the project "Dachny otvet"...
The dacha answer created the most open and cool space for the young heroes. Having removed excessive architectural complexity from the interior, the...


SyPly at the MosBuild-2022 exhibition
Syktyvkar Plywood Mill took part in Russia's largest exhibition of building and finishing materials.


Chipboard Lamarty in the decor MALAVI in the project "Dachny otvet"
In the television project, they started arranging the basement of a country house, which was turned from an ownerless room into a comfortable...


SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project on the NTV channel....
In the TV project, SyPly plywood was one of the key elements in the interior decoration of the architect's country house.


SyPly plywood and Lamarty chipboard in Lugano Walnut and Gray Stone decors in...
In the project, the design affected the space of the kitchen-living room, which was filled with a delicious chocolate atmosphere.


SyPly plywood in the Country Answer project on the NTV channel. Banana Lemon...
In the former gym, a space has appeared in which eternal summer will reign. It turned out a kind of winter garden right inside the house, where you...


Chipboard LAMARTY in the decor "Malawi" in the project "Country...
A spacious two-height room with an area of ​​35 square meters, from which a kitchen, a living room and a dining space with a fireplace, were...
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