The tree is designed wonderfully, all its parts are actively working, performing its function from the smallest root under the ground to the powerful branches of the crown. So in our company, every person, regardless of position and profession, works for the benefit of our partners, contributing to the growth and development of the enterprise.

Ltd. " Syktyvkar Plywood Mill " occupies one of the leading positions among manufacturers of wood-based panels for 40 years.

We strive to ensure that our products meet the most stringent requirements and wishes of our customers and exceed their expectations in their characteristics. The optimal ratio of quality and price, innovation in the development of new properties of products, the presence of foreign and Russian certificates of quality, government and competitive awards & ndash; All this allows us to assign our plates to the segment of high-quality and, accordingly, expensive products.

The mill is located on the territory of the richest forest resources. We strive to preserve them through the use of modern technologies of deep processing of wood, which allows you to fully utilize its waste. The company takes an active part in environmental protection programs and allocates substantial funds for these purposes.