Lamarty laminated chipboard in Flamingo decor in the “Kvartirny vopros” project. Kitchen with lace

The project team transformed the kitchen in an apartment with a hundred-year-old grand piano, turning it into a creative salon, which was decorated with lace and paintings.

Modernity and past are intertwined in the new interior. The main key element of the new space, giving it character, was a reference to the past. The kitchen was filled with details that allowed us to emphasize and preserve the spirit of this apartment with its long history. An antique carved shelf sits proudly on the wall with an inspiring painting. The vintage atmosphere was complemented by a niche with shelves hidden behind a French lace curtain.

In the best traditions of the past, it was decided to make the kitchen set without wall-mounted upper cabinets. Refusal of the upper tier has become a popular technique again, which allows you to unload the space, making the rooms visually more spacious. The entire storage system was hidden in the lower cabinets. The cabinets of the kitchen cabinets are made of Lamarty chipboard. The slab is decorated with wood lamination in the decor "Flamingo" with light pinkish splashes and gray-blue gaps. The fronts of the MDF base cabinets are decorated with wicker rattan inserts and retro-style handles. In turn, the upper cabinets located in a niche near the ventilation duct blended in tone with the wall due to multi-layer enamel painting. The worktop is designed to look like wood. An unusual solution made it possible to increase the working surface area - the refrigerator was also built into the lower tier, and separately: a refrigerator and a freezer. The main place in the second tier is occupied by a hidden shelf. The same shelves with a wood texture also fill the niche on the ventilation duct, hidden behind the curtain.

Against the backdrop of a soft blue landscape stood a blue garden bench - an original and practical solution for receiving guests. The dining group is complemented by soft chairs arranged around a round table.

The kitchen-salon was decorated with luxurious textiles and beautiful tableware, which took pride of place on the updated rare shelf. And hidden behind a lace curtain were jars of groceries and ceremonial wine glasses, ready to welcome guests.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show "Kvartirny vopros". Broadcast from 09/30/2023.
Project authors: Olga Petrova