SPM at the Saudi Build 2023 exhibition in Saudi Arabia

The exhibition was held from November 6 to 9 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center.

International Exhibition of Construction Materials and Building Technologies Saudi Build is a prestigious exhibition that brings together the latest construction technologies and materials from around the world. For 30 years, Saudi Build has been the leading trade fair for the construction industry in Saudi Arabia, attracting thousands of international manufacturers, exporters and businesspeople, as well as tens of thousands of regional industry professionals each year.

This year's 33rd exhibition featured a full range of products and solutions for sustainable and green construction, including building technologies and services and innovative building materials

At the event, the Syktyvkar Plywood Mill demonstrated the products produced by the enterprise, aimed at meeting the needs of the construction industry for environmentally friendly materials of high quality. At the plant's stand, various types of SyPly plywood products, which are widely used in construction, furniture production and other industries, were demonstrated. Representatives of the mill introduced the guests to the stand not only with plywood intended for construction, but also with material for furniture and interior design, a new line of SyPly DESIGN plywood, as well as premium Lamarty chipboard.

The presented products aroused great interest among exhibition visitors, who had the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of products and learn about their advantages. Employees and partners of the enterprise actively interacted with visitors, talking about the unique characteristics of SyPly plywood and Lamarty chipboard, their environmental safety and the capabilities of the material. Guests of the stand were able to learn about the prospects for use in various projects.

Participation of the Syktyvkar Plywood Mill in the Saudi Build 2023 exhibition made it possible to expand the geography of promotion of its products, attract new customers and business partners, and also emphasize the company’s desire for continuous development.