Lamarty laminated chipboard in TEFFY decor and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” project. Log minimalism

Designer Oksana Tsymbalova created a minimalist interior for the living room of a country house, preserving the natural log texture at its core

The updated living room interior features a mix of minimalism and the spirit of a log house. It was decided to make the new modern finish as independent as possible from the log walls, so as not to expose the wood to changes during installation work. For this project, the project master built “floating” walls, placed as a second layer in front of the beam. The secret of the design lies in the metal frame, which is attached only to the floor and ceiling, but not to the logs, allowing them to breathe and live their own lives. Sheets of plywood SyPly BIRCH Top 15 mm were screwed on top of the frame, onto which plasterboard was fixed, which became the base for paint. The new walls conveniently hid the electrics, and some of the wires were laid under the suspended ceiling. All surfaces prepared for painting - both walls and ceiling - were painted white. Additional volume was given to the room by mirror sheets, which were placed on liquid nails along the bottom and top of the new walls. A multi-color diode strip was laid above the floor and under the ceiling, maximizing the effect of “floating” surfaces.

The plank base of the floor was covered with twelve-millimeter SyPly construction plywood, forming a solid base. Large-format porcelain tiles of a warm gray shade similar to concrete were laid on the glue.

On one of the erected walls, hanging shelves made of Lamarty chipboard One with a niche for a TV, the other for books or dishes. The pastel tone of the decor TEFFY refreshes the red hue of the logs and dilutes the white fabric of the walls. The shelves were covered with glass doors, and for greater expressiveness they were supplemented with lighting. In addition, in the corner there was a display case for dishes with glass doors and lighting on each shelf.

The decoration of the relaxation area was a deep blue corner sofa, located the entire length of the room. And you can receive numerous guests at a three-meter oak table, which is compactly perched against the wall. Ficus added living energy to the interior, creating a miniature winter garden in the room.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show “Dachny Answer”. Broadcast from 10/01/2023. 

Author of the project: Oksana Tsymbalova