Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Strawberry kitchen with retro buffet

The designers have created an inspiring, lush and country-style cozy kitchen-dining room interior for a relaxed life and fun meetings with friends, suitable for creative owners

The updated interior of the kitchen-dining room is built on internal harmony, fully consistent with the creative nature of the owners. The chosen color palette reflects their emotionality and energy: the calm light green shade of the walls is diluted with sensual accents.

Bright colors lay on the floor - berry-colored tiles were laid on it. In order for the floor covering to serve for a long time and work for the comfort of the inhabitants of the house, a layer cake from rough finishing was prepared for it. At the very bottom, strong sheets of moisture-resistant birch plywood SyPly 9 mm thick were laid on the boards. The strength of the material was very important, since plywood became the basis for the dry screed. Next, light expanded clay sand was poured on top of the plywood sheets and the whole thing was covered with gypsum fiber sheets, not forgetting to roll out the heating mats.

Another juicy spot has settled in the center of the kitchen - a large bright table adjacent to the kitchen island. The central furniture composition is accompanied by a linear kitchen set that is as convenient as possible for cooking. The headset housings are made of laminated Lamarty chipboard with embossing "Light silk" in a neutral decor palette "Grey 7810". The surface of the slabs is smooth, matte, soft to the touch. One part of the facades is painted with milled handles, and the second is wooden. Bright green shelves hung on the wall like leaves hanging over berries.

The remodel affected not only the kitchen space - a full-fledged hallway appeared in place of the vestibule adjacent to the dining room. There was room in it for a spacious wardrobe, a built-in bench and a tall shoe rack. All furniture is made from Lamarty laminated chipboard in a rich combination of decor "Monsoon" and "Sepia". The boards are environmentally friendly and, most importantly, of high quality, so the furniture will serve the owners of the house for many years.

The updated kitchen interior designed by Anna Katerenich turned out to be not just an aesthetic space, but a country-style cozy place in which modern technologies and things dear to the heroes perfectly coexist. So the old-timer of this dacha returned to the kitchen-dining room from the restoration workshop - a hundred-year-old buffet, which took a prominent place in the renovated room. The housewife’s paintings also found a place in the new kitchen - they became a worthy frame for the interior. And even a street stump was given a new role, turning it into a table-stool.

Description and video of the broadcast can be found on the official website of the TV show Dacha Answer. Broadcast from 09/24/2023.
Authors of the project: Katerinich Anna