Lamarty chipboard in Black decor and SyPly plywood in the TV project “Dachny Otvet”. Attic in parallel reality

In a room with complex geometry, a space with an atmosphere of club relaxation was created. Functionality and style came together in the room, it was enveloped in dark colors, while under the slopes it became very warm and cozy

The designers Ekaterina Vyazminova and Ivan Selvinsky decided to turn the huge uninhabited space of the attic into the main place of attraction for a large family, which became at the same time a cinema hall, a karaoke room, a playground, a lounge area for relaxation with a dedicated place for work and a spacious storage system.

The attic transformation began with color determination. The ceiling and the upper part of the walls were plunged into a light haze of a warm gray hue. The main style-forming element in the interior was the complex cladding of the floor, walls and doors in a single design. Wooden panels in dark tinting envelop the entire space. To lay the engineered oak boards, the builders of Dachny Otveta laid SyPly construction birch plywood 12 millimeters thick on the floor. A material that is moisture-resistant and resistant to temperature changes will ensure the stability of the finish coating, which is especially important in attic spaces. The basis for fastening the wall panels was also birch plywood from the Syktyvkar plywood plant. The black wood flows smoothly from the floor to the walls, creating an embracing space conducive to rest and relaxation. And lighting in the niches of wall panels enlivens the space, setting the mood of the room depending on the chosen color.

A significant part of the room is dedicated to a play area with a soft carpet on which you can lie, scatter toys and build huts. The authors of the project deliberately left the space free, so that children have somewhere to roam. Adults will find it no less cozy here - sitting next to the large mirrored stained glass window, you can sit quietly with a book.

The designers allocated part of the spacious room for an isolated small office, separated from the main space by a transparent partition. A workplace with a minimalist black table made from Lamarty chipboard will allow you to have privacy for work, homework or handicrafts. A shelving unit was made from the same material and placed in a niche. Laminated chipboards with an oak surface structure are combined into a single structure with black wall panels with a wood texture. And the sconce with reflected light creates a chamber atmosphere in the “secret corner”. The entrance to the storage room was camouflaged next to the office. In the closet, shelves made of laminated chipboard in Black were screwed to the walls, providing additional storage space.

The central core of the project was a structure with a built-in projector screen. An impressive glass insert serves as part of the partition between the room and the staircase, adding light to the narrow passage and depth to the room. Rear projection film turns glass into a home theater screen, as well as a multimedia installation, in which the image begins to be reflected both on the glass and on the wall of the staircase, thereby creating interactive scenery and giving the interior a futuristic look. The structure is framed by a metal multimedia complex in which an acoustic system is mounted.

Supporting the concept of a club space chosen by the authors of the project, a voluminous cabinet resembling a bar table stood opposite the entrance to the room. The cabinet bodies are made of Lamarty chipboard in Black decor. A red marble tabletop with perfectly rounded corners lay on top of the structure. The same marble slabs were installed on the window sills and also became part of a coffee table surrounded by a soft sofa. The stone emphasized the stylistic unity and textural diversity of the updated space. In addition, the interior was complemented by simple decor: concrete, wood and dried flowers.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show “Dachny Otvet”. Broadcast from September 17, 2023.
Authors of the project: Vyazminova Ekaterina and Selvinsky Ivan