SyPly plywood in the "Dachny Otvet" project on the NTV channel. Living room with emerald sideboard

The concept of the updated interior is based on the memories of the heroes of the project. The construction team has preserved the treasured moments of history by framing them and building a bridge to the future

According to the idea of ​​the authors of the project, the space was functionally divided into two zones - conditionally "village" and modern, with a soft sofa area. The dining room began to look like an "old house" place, the decoration of which was a mirror decorated with Russian lace.
The complex purple color on the walls was a reference to a family history. Maintaining the theme of memories, a real family gallery appeared on the wall of the room. Complicating the geometry of the walls in such a simple and elegant way, designer Evgenia Matveenko gave the heroes an opportunity to fill the interior with memorable photographs dear to the heart. Exposure can be changed at any time. Before the walls took on their final appearance, they were sewn up with construction plywood SyPly BIRCH LOW of increased moisture resistance. Birch plywood of increased moisture resistance has become the basis for fastening lining and mirror paintings.

The craftsmen also finalized the fireplace portal - a memorable item for the heroes took its rightful place in the updated interior. It was decorated with stucco, repainted, and the mantel was refreshed in the restoration workshop.
New furniture is located in the same areas as before the alteration, only now it is fashionable, comfortable, beautiful. The sofa area consists of three sections. Transformable elements easily turn the sofa into a comfortable couch or a full bed. Unusual coffee table in the form of a sphere. Knitted pouffes, carpets, new appliances in the room took their place.
A chest of drawers with solid oak legs was made especially for the project from high-strength plywood SyPly BIRCH TOP. The fronts of the chest of drawers are covered with white enamel, and their graphics are emphasized by handles made of zinc, aluminum and copper alloy. At the same time, the design of the chest of drawers is an optical illusion: at first glance, it seems that a bureau or a catalog cabinet with many narrow drawers has appeared in the living room. In fact, spacious shelves and only one section with drawers are hidden behind the facades.

A detailed description of the project and the video broadcast can be found on the program website «Dachny Otvet»

Broadcast from 11/06/23
Project's author - Evgenia Matveenko