SyPly plywood and Lamarty chipboard in Lugano Walnut and Gray Stone decors in the Housing Problem TV project on the NTV channel. Living room in chocolate.

In the project, the design affected the space of the kitchen-living room, which was filled with a delicious chocolate atmosphere.

A clear zoning appeared in the transformed room, while maintaining the integrity of the roomThe whole interior is saturated with notes of chocolateEchoes of delicious color are recognizable in the wooden furniture facades with colorful decor, and in the brown laminate on the floor, and in the stone slabs on the wall in the living area, which give the interior a resemblance to a white chocolate dessert.

Taking into account the wishes of the heroes of the TV project, the furniture in the kitchen-living room of a family of four completely occupied two wallsThe furniture composition of the kitchen set smoothly passes into the living roomThe furniture of this part of the room was complemented by a wardrobe in the TV area.Its frame is made of laminated board Lamarty in the decor "Grey Stone"The furniture facades of the TV cabinet were made in the original design - SyPly birch plywood was dressed in suedeThe material is easy to care fortoit is commonly used for car interior decorationUnusual "plush" panel echoes the sofa opposite and adds warmth to the interior

A significant area for the owners of the apartment is the window, so the author of the project Tatyana Kononova-Levina paid special attention to itThe wall with a window opening was decorated with a portal using Lamarty chipboard, and the screen for the radiator and a wide window sill were made in whiteThe window is comfortably framed with textiles, but at the same time remains open and free to enjoy the view.A wide window sill can serve as both a table and a place to sit.The same expressive portal in Lugano Walnut decor was installed for the interior door, thus linking two massive portals of the room

You will find the description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show "Housing Problem" Broadcast from 19032022

Project author: Tatiana Kononova-Levina