SyPly plywood in the Dachny Otvet project on the NTV channel. "Architect's cottage"

In the TV project, SyPly plywood was one of the key elements in the interior decoration of the architect's country house.

The author of the project - Rustam Kerimov, together with the team of the TV project, carried out work on the arrangement of two objects at once on his own suburban area: in the main and guest houses. The architect decided to make the interior space of both buildings predominantly light with wooden interior elements.

At the entrance to the main house there is a compact hall equipped with a wardrobe and a mezzanine. Since the house does not have a basement, the storage systems are inverted - instead of going down, they will go up. The main room was the kitchen with a relaxation area. Here you can relax in easy chairs, and on a comfortable window sill-sofa you can admire the view from the window and the fire of a small fireplace - a stylish potbelly stove. Kitchen furniture and window sill slopes are made of oil-coated moisture-resistant plywood SyPly BIRCH TOP, the highest grade material, so you can not worry about the safety of products in contact with moisture.

A separate architectural solution was the composition of the library cabinet located on the podium and the mezzanine above it. The space of the office and the hall look like a single piece of furniture. Finishing material helped to create a holistic image and additionally highlight this part of the interior - birch plywood, thanks to which an office with a mezzanine turned into an independent "sculpture". The favorite material of leading architects was used for wall cladding, ceiling, window sill and window slopes in the working area. From SyPly plywood also assembled cozy office furniture: a desk and spacious shelves. The material is versatile and of high quality, which made it possible to use it both as a furniture and finishing material..

The products of the Syktyvkar plywood plant were also involved in the draft work. In the bedroom from WBP waterproof plywood built a podium that will serve as a bed. There can be no doubt about the reliability of such a design.. to. material has exceptional strength. Moisture-resistant birch plywood was also laid on the floor.. It will ensure the stability of the coating. An engineering board made of noble oak was laid on top of the floor and the podium bed.

The guest house was created in the image and likeness of its monumental neighbor - the master's house. Light colors in the room are also dominated here in combination with wood elements.. Black interior accents link the interior and exterior of the home. Bright space and a panoramic window give lightness to a small room and encourage relaxation.. Here you can relax while admiring the garden and the fire in the compact fireplace stove. The guest house also did not do without plywood in the interior.. In the likeness of the master's house, the window sills were made of Syktyvkar plywood, and a podium bed was built in the bedroom. Here the birch material appeared in its natural form - without cladding with an engineering board.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast of this interior on the official website of the TV show "Country Answer". Ether from 27. 03. 2022

Project author: Rustam Kerimov.