SyPly plywood in the Country Answer project on the NTV channel. Bunin, physalis and dacha minimalism

The Dachny otvet team presented their heroes with a modern interior with notes of a traditional Russian dacha - they were a stove, textiles and cupboard glass, which appeared in the working area of ​​the kitchen. The role of the stove was taken over by an impressive hood with the texture of a hut-oven.

As the authors of the project planned (Alexey Merkushev and Maria Zimina), the hood turned into an impressive "Russian oven"The basis of the box was durable birch plywood SyPly - a versatile material that made it possible to give the blanks the necessary shapeThe textured surface of the dome was made by plaster - after applying the “oven” they left it to dry for a couple of days

In addition to the kitchen, the renovated space has a working area, highlighted by a kind of "screen"And, of course, the living room, the center of which was the sofaAt the same time, the TV will be placed on the wall so that it can be perfectly seen both from the sofa and from the dining room.As for the color, in general, the interior turned out to be light, and physalis flowers will add bright accents - there will be few of them, but they will be rich and expressive.

Description and video broadcast of this interior can be found on the official website of the TV show "Dachny otvet"

Broadcast from 06/03/2022

The authors of the project are Alexei Merkushev and Maria Zimina, designers, founders of MERA MAKERS DESIGN LAB specialize in furniture design and interior design