SyPly plywood in the Country Answer project on the NTV channel. Banana Lemon Singapore

In the former gym, a space has appeared in which eternal summer will reign. It turned out a kind of winter garden right inside the house, where you can literally pick a ripe lemon from a branch.

The renovated recreation area provides for a large number of plants - both phytowalls and lemons in tubs were built here
The center of the winter garden was a light mesh "arbor" - this is an additional reference to the landscape history of our spaceIn addition, this small architectural form outlined the boundaries of the living area, which was decorated with a huge sofa in rich lemon color.

The natural theme in this project came to the foreWhite walls hid behind mirrored canvases, which further expanded the space.For greater expressiveness, impressive canvases were supplemented with aluminum corners painted black.
Part of the walls was decorated with plywood wall panels SyPly PRIMER with a special paper coating that allows you to apply leaf green enamel without additional surface primingThis plywood is great for both decorative elements and furniture making.Round tables of different heights and diameters, made from just the same plywood Snot EXAMPLEThey have become additional yellow strokes in the bright palette of the winter garden.

Description and video broadcast of this interior can be found on the official website of the TV show "Country Answer"

Aired on 02/27/2022
Project authors – A-Z architectsRinat Zaripov and Natalia Zabortseva