Chipboard LAMARTY in the decor "Malawi" in the project "Country response" on NTV channel

A spacious two-height room with an area of ​​35 square meters, from which a kitchen, a living room and a dining space with a fireplace, were equipped, was at the disposal of "Dachny otvet".

Heroes designed a beautiful home on their own, so designer Shamsutdin Kerimov developed the ideas that they put into their spaceThey did not change the layout - both the doorways and the kitchen remained in their placesAt the same time, the sofa moved from the side wall closer to the center of the room, so that spacious shelves could be placed along the wall behind it.Storage systems related to the kitchen and including a refrigerator appeared along another wall.And the living room and kitchen area was divided by a fireplaceAnd not simple, but goldenIt was framed by a spectacular gabion mesh painted in gold, and the TV moved to the dining room

Metal was accompanied by stone and woodAt the same time, there is a lot of metal in the project - in particular, metal slats decorated the ceiling and part of the walls of the roomMoreover, they did it in such a way that the rhythm set by the slats additionally increased the spaceIn turn, we decorated the floor and part of the walls with ceramic granite under natural stone
The family of the heroes of the TV project is large, so additional storage systems will definitely not be superfluousBased on this principle, the front of the columns with built-in appliances continued with spacious wardrobes in the same finish, creating a single ensemble.

In general, a stylish laconic project organically fit into the geometry of the room.The used wood and stone decors are quite delicate and make it possible to remain an accent of the current wall decoration.At the same time, the kitchen "breathes" due to the single-row arrangement and a large amount of natural light, which the owners will definitely appreciate during its operation.

The wall in the passage area of ​​the room was decorated with hinged shelves made of chipboard Lamarty in MALAWI decor from SAFARI collections with lamination “Light silk”, complemented by LED backlighting with a warm glow

The result is a stylish mix that surprised not only our heroes, but also the battered team "Country answer"

Description and video broadcast of this interior can be found on the official website of the TV show "Country answer»

Broadcast from 02/20/2022
Project authors – Shamsutdin Kerimov