Chipboard Lamarty in the decor "Graphite" in the project "Dachny otvet" on the NTV channel

The aesthetic concept of the project was based on the japandi or scandinese trend in the modern interior, combining elements of Japanese minimalism with Nordic asceticism, while devoid of the obtrusiveness of a purely Scandinavian or Japanese (Asian) style.

Interior designer in project Mikhail Novinsky deliberately used a depleted palette of materialsThe main materials are 5 - relief decorative plaster (something between microcement and "hut"), used on all surfaces, from the floor to the ceiling; light natural wood; gray stone; graphite furniture elements supported by small details like lamps; and gray textile upholstery

They did not change the location of the kitchen, placing it as a united front in the same place where the master suite wasThe forms of furniture are simple, but at the same time expressive in their volumes.The island and the console under the fireplace are made suspended (the island on a hidden support), which gives the project lightness and elegance, and in the case of the island, and bringing it a spectacular "trick"
The bodies of the new kitchen cabinets are assembled from Lamarty certified chipboard with a low formaldehyde content, laminated "GRAPHITE"The facades of the lower drawers are decorated with oak veneer, and the upper ones are made of MDF in gray enamel.An imposing island acts as a multifunctional auxiliary kitchen element, the plinth of which is decorated with a mirror and equipped with lighting, which provides the imposing structure with a floating effectThe table top of the island continues the theme of the main set - it is a gray artificial stone with dark patchesUnder it are auxiliary storage systems, so that the internal space of the base is used to the maximum

The finished interior embodies the fluidity of space and the effect of a warm "cocoon"In addition, the room is easily transformed, which is the merit of upholstered furniture.A modular sofa and a light armchair can be positioned depending on the tasks to be solved, whether it is communication or watching TVAnd round tables will bring the furniture composition togetherAnd the result is a trendy interior, brought to the "house with history"

Description and video broadcast of this interior can be found on the official website of the TV show "Country Answer"

Broadcast from 13/02/2022
Project author - Mikhail Novinsky