SyPly plywood and laminated chipboard Lamarty in the decors: "White", "Black", "Rose Quartz" in the project "Big Peredelka" on the Russia-1 TV channel.

The “big change” separated children and parents, allocating the necessary personal space to each.

One room was given over to the nursery, supplementing it with the necessary furniture.A tall cabinet was placed at the entrance and a work area was organized
Got rid of the partition in the bedroomReturned the room to its original size, supplementing it with the functions of a living roomThe limitation helped not to overdo it with colors: a very small space for so many tasks, low ceilings and poor installation.So, you need a light box, glass, a play of light, bright objects that break the perceptionThis created a large space with natural light, a comfortable modular sofa, ample storage space and the necessary privacy.

The wardrobes in the living room were made of laminated chipboard LamartyDecor BLACK, and the facades are made in two decors — WHITE and ROSE QUARTZDecorative glass inserts added a special charm to the furniture
Light pink inserts harmoniously adorned the dressing table with interesting architecture, and dynamic black stripes adorned the white TV cabinet.

Big changes also affected the loggia of the apartment of the heroes of the project
Against the backdrop of a bright living room-bedroom, on the contrary, I wanted to make the study-loggia less flashy, setting up for workThe most soothing and pleasant material is, of course, wood.Designer chose plywood SyPly from birchThe plywood is moisture resistant, durable and has a beautiful natural wood pattern, to preserve the naturalness of which all plywood parts are covered with a protective tint.They also made a window sill from it

All furniture for the loggia is also made of durable and moisture-resistant plywood of the highest grade SyPly Birch TopSo on the loggia there was a place for a full-fledged workplace and for an economic unit in the form of a two-section cabinet, where a built-in ironing board fit

Description and video broadcast of this interior can be found on the official website of the TV show "The Big Makeover"

Broadcast from 19/12/2021
Project author - Ekaterina Ulanova
Space Organizer - Elina Mahmoudi