LAMARTY in the decor  "Arabica " in the project "Dachny Answer" on the NTV channel. A bedroom for anglers.

When creating this interior, the designers started from the passion of the heroes of the project. Fishing inspired the elegant bedroom interior with ripples as the basis for the interior.

When creating this interior, the designers started from the enthusiasm of the heroes of the projectFishing inspired the elegant bedroom with ripple in mind

The room is divided into four functional areasThe primary function is a bedroom, the center of which is a large bed with a sleeping area of ​​1800 * 2600 mm with all the necessary elements for comfortIt is a soft headboard, bedside tables, reading light, socketsIn addition, this area was additionally accented with a ceiling.

The second most loaded area is a dressing room with large full-fledged wardrobes in the ceilingA large wardrobe is assembled from Syktyvkar laminated chipboard with a reduced formaldehyde levelCases - in a shade of coffee Arabica collection of Lamarty decors, facades - from MDF in green enamelAny dressing room can envy the interior filling: there is a compartment for long clothes, and for shirts, and numerous deep shelves.At the same time, unlike a dedicated dressing room, such a furniture composition does not divide the space into small isolated rooms.And its dimensions - height from floor to ceiling and length of 4 meters, create more than an impressive useful volume
There is a space between the bed and the dressing room, which can be used as a workplace or as a place for personal careBlades with a rotating mechanism are located between the two main volumes, which can both divide and unite the space in the room.A mirror is made in the central blade on the side of the workplace, while the rest are tightened in lace textiles with a pattern that resembles a surface of water.Actually, this is the main reference to the hobby of the heroes and the main emphasis in the project.
Opposite the bed is a spacious storage system with open and closed sections, in a niche of which a TV is integrated

So, under the leadership of Natalia Milovzorova and Olga Yanchuk designers SALMON LAIR Studios the masters turned an empty room into a cozy bedroom

You will find a description and video of the broadcast of this interior on the official website of the TV show "Country Answer"

Ether from 11/28/2021
Authors of the project - STUDIO SALMON LAIR