Lamarty in White decor in the project  on the NTV channel

In the log house, we redesigned the kitchen-living room. At the same time, they created the atmosphere of a village hut at the dacha, which is reminiscent of a chest, shutters and a lamp - a clay pot.

Your project designer Maria Kunyakina tried to streamline the chaos that reigned in the roomThe author reorganized the kitchen in such a way that the characters of the TV show had convenient places to store all possible utensils and little things, which were kept in plain sight before the alterationThis was helped by the increased depth of cabinets and cabinets with shutters, behind which it will be possible to hide numerous pots, pans and jars.
Kitchen frames are made of certified matt embossed laminated chipboard with a reduced formaldehyde contentKitchen modules and facades in the decor White from the Lamarty collection

In general, the interior has been thoroughly worked with color.The space was so saturated with colors and details that the eye simply had nothing to rest on.Therefore, the builders removed all the color noise, while simultaneously illuminating the room, as our heroes wanted.And of course we left the logs in sightThe house itself actually ended up in the city, so it just needed to return and emphasize its "rustic" componentTo do this, the space went on a journey into a fairy tale, in which a calm background and several main accents appeared.Among the main ones is a terracotta dining table, which is located near a window enlarged to the floor, and a prominent section of the wall is closed by a fireplace imitating a Russian stove.
You will find a description and video of the broadcast of this interior on the official website of the TV show " Country Answer "
Live from 07/11/2021
The author of the project is Maria Kunyakina