LAMARTY and SYPLY  in the decors "WHITE" in the project on NTV.

The bed was made specifically for the project according to the sketches of its authors Max Zhukov and Viktor StefanIt is made of birch E/BB Syply Plywood caramel tinted, and lacqueredEnd arched parts made of special bent plywood make it look like a houseAnd the file sharing rack separates from the working area and provides freedom of choice - it is convenient to take things from the shelves both from the side of the bed and from the side of the desk

One of the walls of the room was occupied by a storage system with cabinets and a niche with a small benchCases made of chipboard Lamarty in decor - "White", embossed in "Light silk", elegantly decorated with contrasting black edgesBehind them are a wardrobe with a bar, drawers, sections with shelves and a mezzanine under the ceiling for seasonal clothes and toys.

You can find a detailed description of the project on the website of the Housing Problem program;