Lamarty laminated chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Kvartirny vopros” project. Bedroom in the landscapes of Lake Baikal

The interior is dominated by the theme of nature. Lamarty laminated chipboard furniture in the Transsilvania and Gray 7810 decors added calm and tranquility to the interior. And SyPly plywood served as the basis for the interior decoration of the room.

Designer Oksana Salberg-Vachnadze turned the bedroom interior into the colors of winter Baikal. Visiting the lake and skating on ice is a long-time dream of the project’s heroes. Therefore, the accent of the interior was a panel made of soft panels based on the landscape of Lake Baikal at sunset. Soft colored “ice floes” of wall panels were glued to the wall, giving them not only a decorative function, but also the role of a large headboard.

In addition to the nature theme, the interior decoration is dominated by dark wood color. It added naturalness and fit well into the concept of the bedroom, filling the interior with calmness and tranquility. Opposite the bed, another parquet panel unfolded. To place a large-scale canvas, a solid base was required. The wall in this place was covered with sheets of birch plywood with increased moisture resistance. Plywood SyPly BIRCH Middle provides reliable fastening of wooden dies and also additionally provides a soundproofing effect. The panel parts were placed on glue and shot to the plywood - on a vertical plane, the fasteners should be especially reliable. An engineered board laid in a non-standard way with a “French herringbone” pattern smoothly transitions to the floor. Oak panel decorated with LED strip. In addition, the Baikal landscape of the headboard was illuminated with LED “rays”.

The area by the window was decorated with a complex structure made of Lamarty chipboard in the decor "Transsilvania", which was the designer's idea refers to tree bark. A single composition includes window slopes, a window sill, spacious cabinets in the walls and a desk between them. A panel with holes for air circulation was provided for the battery. The storage system is covered with light laminated chipboard facades in the color "Grey 7810" to match the walls. A cat's face on one of them marked a house for the owners' cat. Below and in the table there are roll-out drawers with smooth and quiet closers.

The main storage system is the wardrobe at the entrance to the room. Everything here is the same as in the furniture composition opposite: inside there are cabinets in the color of wood in the decor "Transsilvania", and outside in a light design, as if powdered with snow. Spanish handle rails stand out impressively against a light background.

Air conditioner will support Baikal coolness in summer. The air conditioner above the door is covered with a screen made of laminated chipboard with holes for air circulation.

The interior was complemented with bedside tables in the shape of birch stumps covered with acrylic paint.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show “Kvartirny Vopros”. Broadcast from 03/23/2023.
Project author: Oksana Salberg-Vachnadze