Lamarty laminated chipboard in the “Black” decor in the furniture of the “Dachny Otvet” project. Kitchen with boiler room in the closet

The appearance of the kitchen-dining room has been transformed into a cozy space in the style of dachas near Moscow, in which lace fabric, hand-painted tiles and wooden beams coexist

Designers of the project studio M.A.D. INTERIORS created a cozy and functional interior in the main place of attraction for the owners of the house - in the kitchen-dining room. A place where vintage can be present, objects of different styles that could come to the dacha during the lives of generations of its owners.

Wooden beams and light-colored paneling add a country atmosphere to the space. A Dutch vintage chandelier with ceramic inserts hangs on a massive carbine. In order for the chandelier to remain above it when the dining table is pulled out, the designers provided a metal guide on the ceiling along which it can be moved.

The theme of arches is clearly visible in the updated interior. They make a space more expressive, especially when contrasted with clear, straight lines. The designers supported the arched doorway leading into the room with hand-painted wall paintings on the theme of Russian nature. It was decided to turn the opening leading to the boiler room into a shelving unit, but it was not easy. The structure is attached to a rotating mechanism, and a wheel is provided at the bottom, thanks to which the rack turns into a hidden door. The facades and arch of the shelving also fell under the artist’s brush, as a result of which it blossomed like a summer flowerbed. One of the window openings was turned into a door with access to the garden. Its transom was supplemented with an arch, which goes well with a similar element above the shelving. A mirror with an arched finish was placed in the partition between the two openings - it also housed the TV. The mirror, reflecting the dining group and chandelier, gives a feeling of more space.

The authors of the project have provided plenty of storage space in the kitchen. To the left of the shelving door there are frames made of Lamarty laminated chipboard in Black color and “Shagreen” embossing. Dense material can withstand fastening of any furniture fittings. The fronts of the light classic MDF cabinets are decorated with black and gold Italian handles. The end of the cabinet was covered with a panel whose pattern follows the rhythm of the ceiling board, and hanging shelves were attached directly to the cabinet for open storage.

A work area was organized along the wall, opposite the storage system. Its cabinets are made of the same laminated chipboard as the storage systems. A continuation of the work area is a mini-sofa, the wall behind which is decorated with panels with vertical stripes. At the base of the sofa, the authors of the project provided three deep roll-out drawers. To make sitting more soft, an olive-colored seat nestled on the bench. The second tier above the work area are hanging cabinets: light on the outside and mysteriously dark on the inside. Lamarty chipboard cabinets in Black decor are complemented by glass doors with café au lait frames. Between the cabinets there is a massive and expressive hood box. It is decorated with four tiles with relief patterns. In the center of the work area there was an island with a tabletop made of light acrylic stone. The highlight of the kitchen is the ceramic apron. Tiles with a worn effect are decorated with graphic floral patterns. The kitchen, which is completely country in style, is complemented by modern furnishings. All the necessary household appliances disappeared into the motley surroundings.

A vintage bookcase near the golden arch completes the look of the dining room. Beige lace curtains on mini-cornices in a contrasting black color add coziness to the kitchen. Vintage crystal dishes from the housewife's closet go well with household items from an antique shop. Dutch wall plates are representatives of Delft ceramics from the middle of the last century. They are accompanied by engravings in modest frames, which seem to have arrived in the kitchen of our heroes from long journeys.

Description and video of the broadcast are available on the official website of the TV show “Dachny Otvet”. Broadcast from 02/18/2023.
Project authors: studio M.A.D. INTERIORS (Svetlana Andreeva-Shchepeteva and Nadezhda Pidchenko)