Excursion of SLT students to the Syktyvkar plywood plant

On February 15, as part of a decade of chemical-technological, construction and thermal engineering disciplines, students of the Syktyvkar Forestry College visited the Syktyvkar Plywood Mill.

The students were met by the leading recruitment specialist at the Syktyvkar plywood mill, Anton Sergeevich Sechenov, who spoke in detail about the plant and answered their numerous questions. Students visited the plywood factory workshops with interest and were impressed by the scale of production. During the excursion, the children saw with their own eyes the technical capabilities and special equipment, which allowed them to become familiar with the specifics of production and will allow them to make an informed choice of profession in the future.

SPM actively cooperates with specialized educational institutions in the region to prepare a personnel reserve. These are career guidance and educational programs that provide a unique opportunity to visit a closed enterprise, delve into work processes and demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge for students’ future professional activities.