Lamarty chipboard and SyPly plywood in the “Dachny Otvet” design project. Horse, fire and vitamin wall

Thanks to the transformation of the kitchen-living room, the atmosphere of an eternal, carefree and warm summer settled in the country house

Thanks to the redevelopment, the appearance of the living room has changed significantly. Walls that needed updating were insulated. Then the walls and ceiling were covered with sheets of SyPly birch plywood, which became a reliable basis for finishing. Additionally, the sheets were treated with a fire retardant compound, which will protect the wood from fire and flame spread. The top of the plywood was covered with clapboard tinted in a powdery pink color. The floor also underwent modernization: sheets of birch plywood produced by the Syktyvkar Plywood Plant were laid on the old boards. And to make the base last a long time, the material was impregnated with a hard-to-wash antiseptic. For the final floor covering, the designers chose an engineered board in a warm chocolate shade.

The restroom from the shared guest room moved to the corridor. To do this, the builders of Dacha Otveta turned the stairs to the second floor facing the kitchen-living room, thus freeing up space for a new bathroom. In addition, the craftsmen cut a doorway to the street, through which you can directly access the garden from the living room.

The changes did not end with the redevelopment of the room; colors were added to the interior of the kitchen-living room - the color of fresh summer greenery that surrounded the fireplace, a soft powdery shade that covered the walls and ceiling, a lush kitchen island and a bright mosaic on the fireplace.

The kitchen remains in the same place. Blind walls made it easy to place hanging sections of the headset. Tall modules made from environmentally friendly Lamarty chipboard occupy a niche. The body in a calm shade of gray decor "Phantom" harmonizes perfectly with light facades imitating lining. A functional island visually separates the kitchen and living room, providing additional work surface and storage space.

The fireplace, a symbol of the hearth, also remained in its place, but received a fashionable caramel-colored tiled outfit. The fireplace was surrounded by spacious cabinets, the facades of which were painted a cheerful light green color to match the front door. In contrast to the bright shell, the cabinet body is made in a muted shade of Phantom decor from the Lamarty chipboard collection.

The living room furnishings are completed by a comfortable sofa, an armchair in a warm orange shade and a large green table, ready to welcome a huge family and visiting guests.

You will find a description and video of the broadcast on the official website of the TV show “Dachny Answer”. Broadcast from November 26, 2023.
Authors of the project: Golub Alexey and Shteivand Yulia