Quality certificate, Sanitary-epidemiological expert reports (MFC)


Expert opinion on the hygienic safety of chipboard (grinded) type P2 according to GOST 10632-2014
Expert opinion on the hygienic safety of chipboard (grinded) type P2 according to GOST 10632-2014

Plates of particleboards moisture resistant of P2 type, manufactured by «Syktyvkar Plywood Mill» ltd. according to AUSS 10632-2014, code Foreign Trade Goods Classification of the Customs Union 4410 11 100 0, satisfied the requirements of Technical rules Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 025/2012 «About the safety of furniture production» and the unique sanitary-epidemiological service (control), Part 6, app.28.05.2010 y. #299 in accordance with the indicated area of appliance on the level of migration of hazardous substances to the environment air and according to the radiological indexes Code of The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) 4410 11 900 0 - could be the subject of import/export and handling (usage) according to the indicated area of appliance on the custom clearance board and custom territory of the state customs union.


Sanitary-epidemiological report from the 1st of July 2010. In accordance with the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union from 28.05.2010 #299 is approved by "Еthe consolidated list of goods, subjected to come through the sanitary-epidemiological service (control) on the customs zone and customs territory of the customs union " , where the certificates of governmental registration of the production are given. ">abrogated. The experts' reports are given for the portion of the consignment line with the goal to inform the customers about the consistency of hazardous substances, the order of lab tests and don't have the validity. The inner control of the quality of the production that is held by the certified lab ''SPM'' ltd. and guaranteed in accordance with each portion of consignments with the requirements of TR and All-Union State Standard.


  1. Экспертное заключение (ДСП шлифованные типа Р2).pdf (0,70 Mb) (print)
  2. Протокол лабораторных исследований (ДСП шлифованные типа Р2).pdf (0,95 Mb) (print)

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