CERTIFICATE of the trademark logo (duplicate) | 21.05.2009



Attestation, Trademarks

21 May 2009

CERTIFICATE of the trademark logo (duplicate)

21 May 2009

CERTIFICATE of the trademark logo (duplicate)

Valid to 18 December 2031

This certificate is issued for a trademark (service mark) to the Syktyvkar Plywood Mill LTD in relation to the following goods (services) - "non-metallic building materials; ...". Color combination: white, green. The certificate is issued for a period of 10 years and is valid until December 18, 2011. A duplicate of Appendix No. 1 indicates a change in the address of the trademark right holder.

  1. Свидетельство (1)-1-2.pdf (0,24 Mb) (print)
  2. Свидетельства на логотип СФЗ.cdr (4,41 Mb) (print)
  3. Изменение 220213.jpg (1,64 Mb) (print)

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